To Moms with Sons

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To Moms with Sons…

If you’re anything like me, then your first thought when you found out you were expecting was, “Oh, yay! Now I’ll have someone to go shopping with” or “Now I have an excuse to buy all those tiny little hair bows!”

And then you found out you were having a boy.

You weren’t disappointed. You just needed a little time to get used to the idea of dump trucks and dinosaurs instead of baby dolls and dance recitals.

But I’m also guessing that shortly after he arrived, you quickly forgot about all of those things as you were immersed into the pure joy that is little boys. You forgot all about the frilly clothes and feelings as you dove headfirst into a world of roaring and fearlessness.

I’m sure it didn’t take you long to realize that, little boys? They’re pretty great.

And throughout your life, you’ll get to experience all of the special moments that only a mommy and her son can share.

When he’s small…

You’ll be his special girl.

You’ll be his one and only mama, the woman who cheers him on when he takes those first wobbly steps and laughs at all of his silly faces. You’ll encourage him to get back up when he falls but not before squeezing him tight and smooching those chubby, irresistible cheeks. You’ll be his safe haven, and he’ll be your little love.

He’ll be your protector, your little superhero, fighting off villains, monsters, and even the giant spiders in the basement.

He’ll teach you to always be an encourager, as you insist, “You can do it! You are so brave! Just try, try again,” after he falls off his new bike for the umpteenth time.

He’ll teach you how to fearlessly go after your dreams, as he climbs the mountain of pillows in your living room and dives head-first off the couch without hesitation.

You’ll be in the best shape of your life, as you race him through the yard “just one more time.”

He’ll teach you the art of being both soft and strong, as he defeats a giant dragon just moments before snuggling into your lap and covering your face with sloppy, open-mouth kisses.

You’ll learn not to stress and overthink so much, but instead to live out loud, and to just be and do, like him.

That son of yours will tell you everything you need to know every time he breaks out in a big goofy grin at the sight of you, a smile that says, “you’re the most beautiful, mama, and I love you so.”

He’ll make you feel like a million bucks without saying a thing.

As he grows…

You’ll be his special girl.

You’ll be his one and only mama, the woman he can always count on to believe in him, and assure him that he is the most amazing kid on earth. You’ll welcome him with open arms, encourage him to stop for flowers before his date, teach him the importance of being a good listener, and remind him to call whenever he needs you. You’ll be his safe haven, and he’ll be your little love.

You’ll savor every second of his arms around you, as you teach him a few basic dance moves in the living room, before he insists, “I’ll be fine, mom,” and escapes back to his room.

He’ll surprise you, as he rushes to open the door for his prom date, opening your eyes to the realization that maybe he was listening all those years, afterall.

You’ll be filled with pride as he walks confidently across that stage in his cap and gown, a distant cry from those first wobbly steps that are forever ingrained in your memory.

He’ll open up to you when things aren’t going well at his job, entrusting you with his feelings, and savoring your continued encouragement and wisdom.

You’ll be the first one he’ll call when he meets a girl that is different from the rest, because he values your opinion and knows you’ll share in his excitement.

He’ll fill you with overwhelming joy, as you watch him become a daddy and experience the same kind of love you feel for him.

And that son of yours? He’ll tell you everything you need to know every time he breaks out in a big goofy grin at the sight of you, a smile that says, “you’re the most beautiful, mama, and I love you so.”

He’ll make you feel like a million bucks without saying a thing.

And in your old age…

You’ll be his special girl.

You’ll be his one and only mama, the woman who was always his biggest fan, cheering him on through life’s ups and downs, and laughing at his silly jokes, no matter how many times you’d heard them. He’ll show up at your door, with a bouquet of flowers in his strong, open arms. He’ll encourage you not to use that wobbly old chair to reach the top shelf in the pantry, teach you how to fix that leaky sink, and remind you to call whenever you need him. He’ll be your safe haven, and you’ll be his little love.

That son of yours will have spent a lifetime telling you just how beautiful and loved you are, without ever speaking the words.

And as you close the door behind him, watching out the window as he drives away, you’ll catch a glimpse of the woman in the reflection, and break out in a big old goofy grin at the sight of her.

Because the woman staring back at you is the richest woman on earth, worth more than a million bucks.

(Ps. For the record, I happen to think those of you with little girls are equally blessed. As a matter of fact, this post is a spin-off of my original, and most popular piece ever, To Dads with Daughters

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    1. Marielle

      I feel you, Christina! My almost 3 year old has been laying on all my buttons for what feels like the past year! Thank goodness for grace and wine, ha! And glad to hear you enjoyed my post!

  1. Wow. I really, really needed to read this. Thank you. We just found out a week ago that we are having a little boy. I really wanted our baby to be a girl so that my daughter would have a sister like I did, and to be perfect honest I cried all morning after the ultrasound. I’ve been struggling with getting excited about a boy, but your post really helped put things in perspective for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This was exactly what I needed to read.

    1. Marielle

      Oh Brittany, I thought the exact same thing when I found out I was having a boy, you’re not alone! I was honestly terrified that I wouldn’t be able to connect with him, like I did my daughter. But it has honestly been one of the sweetest and most special relationships I’ve ever experienced, it’s better than I could have possibly imagined. I just know you will feel the same. One day, you’ll look back and wonder how you ever could have questioned how amazing having a son would be!

  2. I loved this. I had 2 boys and loved then both dearly. My first was taken by his biological father and disappeared. My second got sick at an early age and never graduated…you see he ended up with cancer. He did find a special girl though. I finally got to meet her…at my son’s funeral. She tried to make it all about herself. I was very upset…you see my boy died when he was 23. My life will never be the same so ladies if you’re carrying a special little boy hold him close, tell him you love him constantly and never let him go (too far away) without knowing how much you love him because when he’s gone it will never be the same. I miss my boys soooo much.

  3. Karen

    So true! I have 2 daughters and 1 son all grown now. I am very close to all of them ,but my son is a 6foot 4 Mama’s boy and I love it. He’s 25 and moved out last year ( only 5 min from are house). He text me everyday sometimes to just say What’s up? Last week he told me he was going to give his girlfriend of 3 years a ring in April. Of course I told him how happy I was but my little boy has grown up and it’s so sad. He said to me “I know I wish I was still in school and you were still picking, me up everyday”. He melts my heart! Nothing like a baby boy! So blessed for all 3 of my kids!

    1. Marielle

      Karen, what a gift to have him so close! I pray my boy stays close to me always! And also so bittersweet to have him grown and getting married, I can only imagine the mixed emotions I’ll feel when that day comes!

  4. Kathy Walker

    Thank you and this does sum it up. I am the mom to two wonderful sons who are 22 and 20. I wouldn’t trade a moment of any of the things that I have shared with my boys. Thank you again for sharing this.

  5. Carol Botset

    I think sometimes it is different when your son gets married. We love our daughter in law but after the wedding it seems like our home is not good enough, our small town is not big enough & doesn’t have enough things to keep her busy like a big city. Her parents are the most important to her so they attend her family things & you are left out. I love my daughter in law a lot but you just have to move on, let them know you still love them, & pray that God keeps them in his hands. I know my son still loves us. I am not jealous it is just different.

  6. Viki

    Thank you for this. I had a girl first and was excited for another healthy baby, found out it was a boy in the delivery room.
    He and I are so much alike we bump heads a lot.
    This has made me sit back and realize what is most important.
    He is a junior so will be leaving all too soon as his sister did last year, for college.
    I will embrace what little time I have left with him.
    Thank you!

  7. Brenda

    This touched my heart I lost my oldest son when he was 34.oh he and my other son was/is my world!! He died from dilated cardiomyopathy .. I talked to him the morning of Dec 2,2009 about 7 AM. He was on his way to take jos little 5yr old twin boys to school.. while we were talking he lost connection on his cell phone and didn’t tell me I love you which he ALWAYS did .. I kept thinking about calling him back but just never did ! About 12 o’clock my other son came to my house to tell me and his dad that David had died! The pain of that day will go with me to my grave!! The only way I have made it is staying as close to God as I can !! Thanks so much for sharing this !!! A Momma who loves her boys!!!

    1. Marielle

      Brenda, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss! I truly cannot imagine! Thank goodness for the Lord’s renewed strength each day, and prayers that He will bring you peace today and everyday, knowing we can place our hope in HIM!

  8. Leslie

    I was so very blessed to have a son and a daughter..didn’t care at the time of what sex they were, I just wanted a heathy baby, but most most recent story is of my grandson. OUR baby, as I would tell my daughter. He was perfect in every way. At 3 weeks old he left this earth to be with our heavenly father. (SIDS) Our hearts are broken! Just remember you are never promised another day with your child, boy or girl. So hug them ALOT!! Put down the phone and talk to them!! Let them know every day how much you love them. OUR Elliot would have been four months old yesterday, instead of posting pictures of him starting to smile and roll over, we were putting fresh flowers on his tiny grave.

  9. Tricia Irving

    This hit home today As I drove my only son who is my only child to college today. The years just flashed through my mind. Him as a baby and now a young man. Beautiful writing

  10. Melissa Pugh

    I have 3 sons and it was so sad to me when they seemed to be torn away from me by girlfriends as they grew up. But now they are 29, 28, and 24. They all have wonderful wives and children. I have 2 grandsons and 3 granddaughters. My sons are wonderful fathers and they all have chosen to live and work close by. They bring the children to visit me and they all love Grandmother. Life could not be sweeter. Have faith in your sons.

  11. Lynette

    This was sent to me after my son passed away at the young age of 35, 1 month before his birthday. I was his biggest cheerleader and loved him more than anyone else because I was his Mama, the woman who carried him for 9 mos and finally gave birth to my precious son. He would always say how much he loved him Mama and was proud to be a momma’s boy. I sit here crying as I am reminded daily that I will never hug my son and never be able to put my arms around him. There is nothing more precious than the bond between a Mom and her baby boy

  12. Cherrie

    While reading this I started tearing up. It wasn’t with sadness but from all the amazing memories I have been blessed with so far with my son. He will be 18 in just under 4 months and it’s hard to believe honestly. I tell him all the time I’m still his biggest fan and always will be. All he says is I LOVE YOU MOM. Words I will never get tired of hearing.

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