A Mother’s Monthly Thoughts

My boy is ONE! And just for fun, this past year I decided to document not only a photo of my growing baby each month, but also one honest thought that accurately summarized my feelings as a mother.

From Belly to First Birthday (and beyond!):

40 weeks pregnant: Life would be so much easier if only this baby would come out.40-weeksMonth 1: I am NOT having any more kids. 1-month-copy

Month 2: What month is it again? How long until babies start sleeping through the night? THIS IS HARD.

Month 3: My baby laughed. I cried. I can do this.

Month 4: So much spit-up. So much drool. Are babies this soggy forever?

Month 5: Man, I can’t wait until my baby can crawl, and sit up, and eat real food. This first year takes forever!

Month 6: Ok, this is, hands down, my favorite age! My baby is growing too fast!

Month 7: OK, seriously? This spit-up thing does end, right? 

Month 8: Diaper changes? Oh, you mean wrestling matches.

Month 9: Just kidding. THIS is my favorite age! Also, you’re never allowed to date.

Month 10: Thanks, kid. I didn’t want those shirts folded anyway. And who doesn’t love their underwear strewn about the house?

Month 11: No, THIS is my favorite age. 

Month 12: A year? Are you KIDDING me?! That year FLEW by. Time is the worst. You will ALWAYS be my baby, you hear me? 

Month 13: Ok, ok, for real though, THIS is the best age! WHY are you so funny? 

Month 18-23:  Where the heck did the past 6 months go?! 

Month 24: The two’s are terrible. I want a newborn.

*I took the liberty of using my thoughts from my firstborn, who is now almost 3, to represent the 13-24 month timeframe ;) *



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