DIY Chalkboard Art (+ Free 8×10 Chalkboard Prints)

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I’m sure you have all seen the cool chalkboard art all over Pinterest and the worldwide web recently, right? Well, my coworker showed me this really cool website where you could buy these really pretty chalkboard prints for like $20. I was about to buy an 8×10 print to frame in Sweet P’s room when I thought to myself, “I’m too cheap not to try doing this myself.”

So, whether or not it’s as good as the real thing, here’s what I came up with. And the best part is, I am going to let anyone else willing to forego perfection in order to save $20 have these… FOR FREE!

First, I just found this free chalkboard background from Erin at So great, right!? Then, using my favorite handy dandy free font website,, I just downloaded some cutesie fonts, and came up with these bad boys in Microsoft Word. I ended up making two because I couldn’t decide which lyrics I liked better. So, feel free to copy, paste, print, steal, or whatever else you’d like to do with these 8×10 prints!

No. 1: Oceans lyrics from Hillsong United-
No. 2: Bind My Wandering Heart

And I was planning to end this post with a beautiful picture of the final result on Sweet Ps’ wall, so you could all admire my almost non-existent decorating abilities, but those abilities are just that…non-existent, as in I haven’t gotten to the actual framing part yet. I will probably end up going with the lyrics from “Oceans” because I have been playing this song at my belly like crazy, and secretly hoping that Sweet P will come out singing it in an angelic voice that she didn’t get from either her father or me. But, I will be sure to update you with a picture once I get the Pinterest-worthy frame collage up in the nursery. I have 60 days. Ample amounts of time. Right? RIGHT!?!?

No need to panic.


The frazzled Mrs. and Mama-to-be.


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