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  1. Hey Mari!

    I hope you’re doing well, and AS ALWAYS, I’m obsessed with your site, and someday when I get married, you will be outfitting it.

    Question for ya: I’m wondering what you’ve got or what you could make that would fit a few things nicely…wallet/purse/clutch size. I’ve had the same clutch for like 6 years and I am obsessed with it because it fits all my stuff perfectly. But I think i need a little variety. I use 2 or 3 card slots (which of course, I jam about 6 cards into), a little center pocket big enough for my iPhone and jetta key fob. A lip gloss or two…tampon, ya know. And maybe a little pocket liner for cash and receipts.

    Sound like something you have or could make? I like having a little loop on the outside so I can hang it on my wrist.

    Shoot me your thoughts and prices when you’re done with your busy work load! PS I love the yellow chevron and navy anchor idea…but I’m open to other patterns too :) You’re the creative one!

    Let’s get together after the 4th of july weekend when our heads aren’t spinning. I’d love to see you!

  2. Liz

    I work with your husband and also Kelly who wears the scarves you make her. I was wondering if you can fit it in if you could price out a couple scarves for me for my sister’s teenage stepdaughters. We are going a late Christmas January 19th and I would need them by the Friday before (Jan 17th). Her oldest LOVES camo and is also hunter/rustic gal but a girly girl too. I really loved the camo with lace that you had on here a while back. The other girl is a bit y younger but would probably enjoy something fun and colorful yet simple. Please email me with your pricing and if you think you could fit these orders in. Thanks!

  3. Gwen H

    I followed a post on Facebook to your blog – I find it exciting and interesting to hear from someone who is following God, has a little child, enjoys creating, and lives in my beloved home state! I love your writing style and the fun personality you share. :) I look forward to reading more and encourage you to continue to do whatever fuels your creative soul!

    1. Marielle

      Hi Gwen! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I always love to meet and connect with my readers, especially fellow-Minnesotans:) Love your suggestion for a shirt for a little boy on my tunic post. I hope you’ll stick around!

  4. Lauren

    Hi Marielle!
    I came across your blog when a girlfriend shared one of your posts on Facebook. I quickly became hooked, and look forward to the notification of a new post in my inbox.
    I love your love for Jesus, and how open you are in sharing your love for Him, and life experiences/choices. Plus, even cooler that you’re a fellow gal living in Minne, like me!
    Just wanted to share how much I enjoy your blog. Keep on doing what you do!

  5. Amy Haas

    Hi Marielle., I am one of Means friends from highschool. I just lost my son to suicide and I just read your post and it made me cry at the love you have for your daughter and your Lord. I would love to follow your site, it gives me hope for my future.

    1. Marielle

      Amy, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you have been going through. However, I am glad to hear that my writing may have in some way brought you hope. I will keep you and your family in my prayers!

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