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No, seriously. This page is for strangers.

So, if you’re new to this blog and don’t know who the hay I am or even how you got here, then you’re in the right place.

To get you up to speed, I thought I’d start with a quick little “Blog Tour“.

I’m Marielle, a Jesus praisin’ baby raisin’ former workaholic turned stay-at-home mama, and lifelong Minnesota dweller. I enjoy long walks down the aisles of Target and anything containing the ingredients “chocolate” or “caffeine.” Small-talk is not my strong suit, and I like to think I’m finding my voice through this blog, one post + cuppa’ coffee at a time. And that picture up there? That’s me, my husband, my daughter, and my son. This whole “marriage and motherhood” thing has proven to be a lot crazier, and harder, and more rewarding than I ever imagined. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I don’t. That’s pretty much what I talk about here at Marielle Marie. You can learn more about me and all the juicy details of my life here.

Wondering where to go next? Well, apparently, this is some of my best stuff:

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Motherhood is So Heavy:


1. Do you advertise product/blogs/shops on Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. It really just depends on what your sellin’ and whether or not it’s relevant to the blog’s concept and audience. My goal is for this page to consistently be a place for others to find encouragement and to feel at home, and sometimes being “sold to” throws off that vibe. However, I DO always love sharing my favorite products over on my Facebook and Instagram page. Just shoot me an {email}, and let’s chat!

2. How the heck do you pronounce your first name? Usually, I tell people it’s like their favorite little animated Italian, Mario. But, instead of  Mari-“O” it’s Mari-“L.” So, no, it’s not Mary-elle. #sorrytoburstyourbubble. 

3. What’s that condition that your daughter had with her neck called again? It’s called torticollis, and you can read about our journey here and here.

4. What is Faith Share Friday? Faith Share Friday (aka FSF) is a monthly Instagram “hop” I created to help Christian women get to know each other and connect in a way they might not otherwise have the chance to. Some of the ladies have even told me that they feel like it’s their online small group. The first Friday of every month, we post faith-related questions so that we can get to know each other, share our stories, and help encourage one another. Just head on over to my Instagram feed to check it out. You can join whenever you feel like it! We’d love to have you!

Want to chit chat? Here’s where to find my Contact Info:

Just clickity click rightta here for the deets on how to contact me or find me across the worldwide web. Or, you can drop your email  in the box below to receive new posts from Marielle Marie in your inbox! 




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